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A Super Hi-Def Vision for 2012

This stunning 4X SUPER HIDEF video was just one more piece of evidence that video can not only blow us away, but it IS the future of the Web.  Every day some startup tech firm is figuring out how to achieve faster data speeds, richer video experiences, and resolution quality that will be larger than life.  In 2012, we will create interactive SmartStories that blur business solutions and epic storytelling like never before.  It's hard to keep up with what's possible technologically and then…


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Why Sneezebox is Like Angry Birds

If you've ever played the blockbuster mobile app / online game Angry Birds, this post will make a lot of sense.  If you haven't—learn what millions have—and play it!  It's easy and fun.  


In Angry Birds, the objective is to use a slingshot to launch birds (that each have unique capabilities) to…


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Take the QRazy out of QR Codes

Every agency with a free weekend and free QR code generator is printing QR codes as fast as they can to be as hip and cool as possible. Well, to avoid going from "hero" to "zero" there are a few basics every company should follow:


1) Start with the end-user in mind.  Provide value, information, deals, surprises—all of which needs to be compelling and have a payoff.  Don't just stick a QR code on a page and think someone will scan it "just…


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"Attraction" Marketing is The Newer (and Prettier) Black

Over the past few years "Disruption" was the buzzword—and even brand position of some of the country's biggest and best ad agencies. It meant having big ideas and tactics that jumped out, intercepted, and grabbed prospects' attention.  We're grossed out by the concept of "disruption."  Especially after the disrupters are disrupting the disrupters.  It amounts to shouting over the top of everyone else, who is trying to shout the loudest. It's not cool, and while you may win the "attention"…


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Marketing Success: Look at the Big Picture

As marketers, we can often get caught up in the day-to-day details that suck us in and seem to completely take over our marketing lives.  The smallest tactics can take the most amount of our time, become frustrating, and keep us away from the things that may really make a BIG difference.  When you're feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed try a process I call "zooming out."  This works at work, but also in everyday life.  First, stop what you are doing and leave the situation or…


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Added to our WOW arsenal, is our suite of INFLUENCE™ products, including applications for sales, conversions, training, network marketing, learning, and campaigns. Contact us for a demo on how our interactive video platform can change the game in your results.

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Keep It Real

Another one of our WAYS OF WOW encourages us to keep it real. We are committed to being authentic in who we are and what we say and do.  We speak from our experience and in the moment.  Keeping it real means speaking what one is thinking and feeling about anything related to work without regard to “how it will sound”.  It means being transparent and revealing our true selves.  Withholding relevant information, keeping secrets, and participating in gossip are clearly inconsistent with being…See More
Apr 21, 2013
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Getting SEO and Digital Marketing "Just Right"

We aim to "deliver wow" for both our agency clients and product customers however "delivering wow through education" is also something we practice and believe can produce higher ROI for everyone. One area of internet marketing that constantly changes and therefore produces many questions from clients and customers is Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. When you ask "how do I get to #1 on Google?" you are really asking "how can I increase my site's SEO?" Arguably the most profitable…See More
Apr 21, 2013
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The Power of Stories

As we have evolved Influence™ -- our interactive video platform -- I've been more in touch than ever with the power of stories and the art of story telling.  Good stories move you:  to tears, to laugh, to act, to feel.  It is my commitment that we remember this and you do too—and not get all caught up in the technology that can make stories even more relevant and powerful.  I want us to be known as "the most awesome storytellers ever" as we solve our clients marketing challenges and strive to…See More
Apr 21, 2013
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Delivering Wow Begins with Rigorous Process

We deliver WOW at Wired World Media! It's what we signed up to do, and it's a lot of pressure to get it right. And it all starts with our rigorous internal systems and processes. Many clients are surprised to learn that many of us work from home twice a week. How do we collaborate to deliver the goods? It starts on Monday with the development of a weekly plan. Each member of our circle dedicates time to figuring out what we're going to deliver that week and how long we estimate it will take us.…See More
Apr 21, 2013

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